Wii Fit Exceeded Sales Expectations by so Much

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What do you think demand for Wii Fit exceeded sales expectations by so much ?

The key success factor for the Wii Fit was resulting from the right direction on identification market segment which exceeded the perceived value of “Wants” for target customer. In the meanwhile, the product and marketing strategy was in line with the demographic and psychographic segmentation to create the value to customers. * Nitendo identified the demographic segment for Wii Fit is “mass market” which no limitation on age, gender, family size, social class. They are probably be the first time game player like women, elderly, housewife or even they were not interested in game. * Based on the target segment group, Nitendo did the right strategy on the Needs and Wants from Psychographic perspective. Playing sport based on video games platform can create the new value (like more harmony, improve the communication) with their friends and family. Women also perceived it is the good way for doing sport at indoor and willing to purchase even they are not sport-oriented. * From the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, customer bought the Wii FIT due to the need for recognition, esteem, or belonging. The larger shortage of product, the greater demand on getting it. * Good product strategy with user friendly features, according to the article (Brain 2006), it pointed out that Wii didn't boast all the features and processing firepower of its technology. Nintendo believed the user-friendly was very significant to the new market. The game console with easy-to-use controller, the Wii's wireless controllers can be moved through the air as well as easy to use channel manual.

Brian Bremner, “Will Nintendo’s WII Strategy score ?”, Businessweek.com, 19 Septmeber, 2006 http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2006-09-19/will-nintendos-wii-strategy-score
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