Wife of Bath Rap

Topics: Marriage, English-language films, Love Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: January 17, 2011
The Wife of Bath's Tale
The Wife of Bath had many men.
She hardly loved any of them.
The first three were rich and old.
She just used them for their gold.
Women like her are picky.
She was often in a sticky
The Nation
Knew her ways,
Yet she kept marrying.
Just like a hoe more babies she was carrying.
But she is not all bad,
She has just gone mad
Looking for love.

She told the tale of a knight.
He met the queen and was given a fright.
He committed the sin of rape
So the king wanted to chop him at the nape.
But the queen gave him one more chance
To find out if women wanted true romance.

He looked and looked but it couldn’t be found.
He questioned women thin, thick, and round.
They all wanted different things like
Money, pleasure, rings, husbands.
But none were the same.
He thought it was a game,
But eventually, he found a woman that
Could set him free.

She was old and haggard,
And she looked like Mick Jagger.
But, she knew the answer to his quest.
She would tell him but she had a request;
He had to be with her
Even though she was ugly.
He valued his life
So he agreed to this tragedy.

What women want is control over men.
Not to be behind, but to stand beside them.
The queen deemed him right,
So this saved his life.

The knight had to marry the hag.
He never thought he could love someone with such a sag.
"She is ugly," he thought,
"But she loves me and can never be bought."
He followed his heart,
And played the part
Of the husband she'd dreamed of.
Together, they fit like a glove.

At once, she turned beautiful.
And while that was cool and all,
He loved the woman that saved his life,
And he didn't see their marriage as paying a price.
The knight learned that beauty is on the inside,
And sometimes, it just wanted to hide.
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