Wife Bath and the Prioress

Topics: Love Conquers All, Suffering, Woman Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 2, 2011
The Differences between Wife of Bath and the Prioress:
Unlike most women being anonymous during the Middle Ages, Wife of Bath has a mind of her own and voices herself. She thinks extremely highly of herself and enjoys showing off her Sunday clothes whenever the opportunity arises. She intimidates men and women alike due to the power she possesses. Wife of Bath has been married not once, but five times. The Prioress on the other hand, serves as a foil to the Wife of Bath. Chaucer describes her as "tender-hearted who cannot bear the sight of pain or physical suffering. She will cry at the thought of a dog dying. It could represent that she has a frail soul with low tolerance for pain and suffering. The latter description carries over into the modern stereotypes about women as skittish and afraid members of society who need to be cared for. Chaucer paints a very delicate and elegant picture of the Prioress. Her manners of eating are far from the brutish festivals of the time. Chaucer describes her table manners as very graceful, not a drop of anything would fall from her mouth, and she was very polite when taking thing at the table. Chaucer's last description of Prioress - the letter "A" around her neck that stood for "Amor vincit omnia" meaning "Love conquers all." Wife of bath characteristics:

The Wife of Bath is not beautiful, but forceful and energetic. Her bright clothes and elaborate head-dress are showy rather than elegant: her hat is as broad as a "buckler" Her clothes are of good quality and her shoes are moister and new. Prioress characteristics:

The Prioress is a woman of two faces. The nun Prioress had all the characteristics that a nun should not have. She was a nun modest, well educated and with good manners. She also had tender feelings, and a strong love for God and his creations.
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