Wieden and Kennedy

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Wieden and Kennedy Report
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Chapter 1: The agency and how it fits within the context of the industry W+K Inc. is an independent, full service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon. W+K was founded by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy in 1998. Upon working together, the duo recognized great similarities in their advertising philosophies and nurtured a strong business relationship that led them into creating their own advertising agency. Since the establishment of W+K on April 1st, 1982, the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading creative agencies with offices in the United States (Portland and New York), Amsterdam, London, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi.

W+K has been built around the founders’ common tendency to break from the status quo advertising with intention of creating a firm and solid relationship between their clients and their customers. The business structure was formed around the ambition to provide an environment where employees would be able to produce their best work, and in turn offer a diversity of talent unparalleled by any other agency. Till this day the company continues to acknowledge and give credit to its staff for the agency’s superb creative reputation, as its shows below of some of their most prestigious and prized awards that have allowed them to propel the agency and therefore becoming a tough competitor to compete with, within the industry. Few factors that sets them apart from their competitors, are show below:

The picture on the left shows “the 2012 Creativity awards report”. You can clearly see that the most successful creativity agency is W+K, Winning the Best Creative director of 2012, the best campaign along with best advertising agency in the world, compared to some of their competitors such as ServicePlan Munich, BBH and BETC EURO RSCG.

Furthermore to prove why they are the top competitor within the industry; they’ve recently been voted by ‘ADWEEK’ the “Agency of the year” and from the picture on the left you can see some of the many awards they’ve won due to their innovative and creative work. What makes W+K so successful compared to other competitors, is arguably a result of the company's arcane understanding of current trends and, as of more recently, digital media such as ‘Social networking’ websites. The agency has latched onto the idea of making advertisements for its major clients that go the distance. For example, More recent success for the agency can be found in their current Old Spice campaign titled, ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,’ which recently won the 2010 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. This campaign featured former professional football player Isaiah Mustafa to rebrand "your grandfather's cologne" into a modern mega-brand beloved by young and middle-aged men alike. Isaiah's swagger and strange but enticing acting captivated the country by means of the agency's knowledge of the digital marketing. The campaign generated more than 94 million views for the brand's YouTube spots, over 90,000 additional Twitter followers, and up to 675,000 Facebook fans. Another reason for W+K success is down to the co-founder and global president Dan Wieden attributes that creative consistency to building a culture that’s “just more fun than you can believe and harder than hell. That generates ideas, great enthusiasm and new ways of looking at old issues.” They hire some of the most talented people from around the world, where they are trained by experienced ad gurus and moulded around the agencies goals, to ensure they come up with the most innovative, unique and outstanding advertising campaigns for their clients. Although they can come-up with the most unique and the most creative ideas; but what they do better than anyone else, according to Ian Armstrong- Honda, is that they: “Truly ‘understand’ who we are as a client, to a point where they feel more like long-standing...
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