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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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ISOM Case Study ~ Assessed Task ~ T-43

Part 1: 5-minute individual presentation with slides (no Q & A) = 15% Part 2: evaluation of one peer = 5% (this mark is applied to you, not your peer)

Michael Kan, the CEO of Widget, a medium-sized manufacturing company in Shenzhen, has decided to introduce a performance-based incentive scheme. Employees will no longer receive an automatic yearly salary increase. Instead the CEO plans to reward the top 20% of his workers each year with a $10,000 bonus. The eligible employees will be selected based on their annual performance reviews, which are prepared at the departmental level by each employee’s supervisor. Currently, there is no company-wide, standardized formula for how supervisors should evaluate their subordinates. They have however been instructed to keep their average rating near the mid-point on a 10-point scale.

The CEO has chosen you to form part of the new Employee Bonus Committee (EBC), which has been formed to identify the top 20% of Widget’s employees. Your task is to examine the ratings provided by the supervisors and give the CEO a preliminary evaluation of the data and your suggestions regarding the ICP. He has asked you to present your findings in a short 5-minute briefing.

Possible structuring for your presentation:
* ¼ to ½ minute – introduction, identify problem & state your conclusion

* 2 minutes – present your analysis of the data (approximately 2-3 graphs) in order to substantiate your conclusion

* 2 minutes – provide the CEO with some suggestions for how the ICP might be made more equitable and give your recommendations for how he might effectively and fairly motivate and reward all of his employees.

* ¼ to ½ minute – summarize and conclude

1. Arrive early and download your slides to the desktop.
2. Bring a hard copy of your slides and your references/bibliography. 3. Business formal dress.
4. Only need...
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