Wi-Fi Is Not a Barrier

Topics: Wireless access point, Internet, Wi-Fi Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Computer Hardware Is No Longer a Major Barrier to Wide Use of Wireless Information Systems


I will be writing this paper to support my title to the idea that computer hardware is no longer a major barrier for wireless information systems. If I were writing this paper 10 years ago it would be titled differently. With the advancements that have been made over the last decade we are given the technology to access almost any information that is available on the internet though a myriad of different devices. Now I would like to list the major hardware components that are used to create a wireless network. I will start with the most important piece, the adapter. They are formally called Network Interface Cards or NIC’s. I deal with these things quite a lot in my job in the Army but they are not Wireless NIC’s. I use 4-port Ethernet NIC’s. The Adapter is what allows the computer send and data over the radio waves instead of through a wire. The rest of the wireless equipment that I will list is not required but they can be used to make your wireless network larger, faster, or more productive. The wireless router is used just for that, routing and packet switching on a wireless network. It will allow me to access my wife’s computer without ever connecting a cable as long as both systems are connected to the router. My Wireless router also serves as my access point to the network provider. The access point is where your wireless signal is turned into a digital signal and sent through a cable. The last two pieces are antennas and repeaters. Antennas and repeaters allow you to extend the range of your wireless network. First you place an antenna to attempt to reach all the client systems within your area of coverage. If you have outlying systems that are not within the gain of the antennae you can use a repeater. It acts as a relay from your computer system through the repeater and on to the main antennae for access to the network. The...
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