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Since the beginning of the 1990’s, telecommunication has entered into a new era. The internet has become extremely popular particularly the Wi-Fi and it offers several benefits/advantages of having it. With the Wi-Fi, the computer users and customers are able to store and retrieve information from anywhere across the world. “Wi-Fi is a well-known name for the popular wireless technology used in offices, warehouses, hospitals, private care facilities, home networks, mobile phones, and anywhere else people need to gain mobile access to information. “ (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities ) “Wi-Fi was first intended to be used for mobile devices and LANs, but is now often used for broadband wireless internet access. It enables users with a wireless-enabled computer or personal digital assistant (PDA) to connect to the internet within proximity of an access point (AP). These one or several access points that cover a geographical region is commonly known as "hotspots". (Advance Broadband Wireless Internet , 2006) |

Wi-Fi is one invention in telecommunication technology that has become very attractive to the computer users. It is also referred to as wireless technology standards that are supported by high speed wireless networking or WLan which is referred to as a Local Area Network. Computers and telecommunication usage became famous jargon in today’s sophisticated information era. With major corporations, the use of the technology is mandatory since it simplifies jobs success and reduces unnecessary costs (Ferguson, 2000) . The use of Wi-Fi offers several benefits in many different ways. The primary benefit of Wi-Fi is that it can extend to any location as long as it is within the signal coverage regardless the landscape and building model. Strangely enough, the simple set up of Wi-Fi network (known as the hot spots) causes the technology to become widely available in almost every place of interests like the malls for example. In the U.S. alone, according to IDC research in 2003, the growth of Wi-Fi hotspots were about 57% annually within the next five year till 2008 (Stuart, 2007)

The availability of Wi-Fi hotspots is also supported up by the coverage that wireless access point can reach. Usually, with outdoor area, Wi-Fi can reach as far as a few hundred meters are available, whereas with indoor area, it can reach 25 to 50 meters depending on concrete materials, power, radio frequency, Wi-Fi devices sensitivity, and other barriers. (Stuart, 2007)

Another benefit is looking to implement a Wi-Fi (WAN) system, it is important that you have the following features included according Algo Communication. (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Secure networking using the latest secure networking protocol (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Simplified management software (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Simultaneous Dual Mode radios allowing fully segmented voice/ data/ video traffic across the entire network. (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Radio Frequency sweeping technology that disables rogue and ad hoc wireless devices not relevant to the network. (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Fast roaming and seamless data packet transfer. (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) * Quality of Service or QOS. (Algo Infinite Communication Possibilities, 2002-2013) The lastest added benefit of Wi-Fi according to Wi-Fi Advantages would be the following: (Advance Broadband Wireless Internet , 2006) * Wi-Fi uses unlicensed radio spectrum and does not require regulatory approval for individual deplorer’s. (Advance Broadband Wireless Internet , 2006) * It allows local area networks (LANs) to be setup with cabling. The can reduce associated costs of network connection and expansions. Places where cables cannot be run, such as outdoor areas and historical buildings can...
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