Why I Went Back to School

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  • Published : June 20, 2008
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A couple years back a purchased a computer and I started to play around with it. I spent hours on end teaching myself how to build websites, I built sites for the business I had, online stores to sell products, and many others. I was proud of what I had done and started showing my little projects to family and friends. That’s when I kept hearing “you should go to college for computers, you are really good with them!”

After all the compliments I had received that really got me to think about going back to school. I finally decided to go back to school. First things first I’d have to get my GED before I could even go back to college. Not only that, fall college classes started in two months and that was not a lot of time. So I set up the GED classes, I took a pre test to find out what subjects I needed to study, math was the only one. I studied math a lot, eight hours a day for a week. Now I was ready for the test I took the test and passed. This was a huge confidence booster for me. My next step was how was I going to pay for college, this was another obstacle that I had to overcome. I had closed my cleaning and janitorial business that I owned for 7 years, because of too much competition, and the pay we were getting for each job was getting less and less until eventually we had no money coming in. That was about the time my sister-in-law and mother told me about financial aid. I filed the necessary paper work only a few weeks before fall classes were to start. I registered for classes in hopes that I would get some financial aid, the award letter finally came low and behold financial aid was accepted.

I went back to college for a few reasons but the biggest reason is for my future. I want to be successful so my family can have all the things they want in life. I want to be able to support my family without financial problems. The Saint Cloud Technical College is helping me achieve a degree in computer programming and learn the things I need to become a strong...
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