Why I Want a Wife

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 2 (939 words) Published: December 2, 2012
“Why I Want a Wife” 1. Syfers wrote this satirical piece in the 1970s. In what ways do you think things have changed since her time and in what ways have things stayed the same? A lot has changed since the time that this piece was written, a lot of women are now working and seeking for a career. They have more rights to do certain things then they use to, but even though years have passed, “wives” are still expected to cook and clean. Although we might say that over the years things have changed, it truly hasn't as least in the “wives role”, some guys still expect their “wives” to take care of the kids, clean, cook, wash clothes, and so on. But all this is depending on where the family is coming from. I can say that coming from a Hispanic background, as a girl I am expected to clean, and cook for the family. For example, although my mother works a full time job, my father expects my mother to cook and clean after she gets off work and have everything nice and neat at home. I guess this is just something that is passed down the family, that women are responsible for the whole family. 2. Do you agree or disagree with Adam Ayd’s response to Syfers and why or why not? I honestly felt like he just copied and past what Syfers said. Adam mention that he felt offended by the fact that Syfer listed all the things that a guy usually wants in a wife. Adam claims that it is false, that this is not what most men actually want, but he repeated almost everything that Syfers said in her piece. The only different thing he said men have just as much responsibility in the home as women do, I do agree with that sentence, because in order for a relationship to work I feel that both the women and men should balance out things. “The Male Privilege Check List” 1. What items from the list do you agree with and why? There were a lot of the privilege checklist that I agreed with, but I will list just a few 4) “if I fail in my job or career, I can feel sure this wont be seen as a...
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