Why I Want to Take Fine Art at Oxford

Topics: The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Art, John Ruskin Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 16, 2008
Why do I want to take Fine Art at Oxford University?

Colour, ecitment, change and improvement, these are just a couple of the things that run through my mind when I am sat with a pencil and piece of paper. I have enjoyed and loved art ever since I can remember, and even if I wanted to I don’t think I could ever not have a career or future in the subject.

So what is art? Art to me is something other than words that can characterise an exact moment of time or feeling. Although some of the greatest pieces of art are that of flowers and bowls of fruit, this subject matter for me does not conjure any sort of excitement. Excited art is unique, colourful and personal to me. Most of all when I look at a painting I want to see that the artist enjoyed it, whether it is just a line on a page or a detailed portrait. Art is a smile.

The Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art is the department in Oxford in which I would study fine art. The subject is taught as a living element of contemporary culture with a broad range of historical and theoretical references.

The school encourages us to work across all medias and then for us to develop our own focus and interests during the final two years of the course. Ruskin students need to be highly motivated and resourceful and we are expected to organise our time to connect fully with all the opportunities that the course offers. The layout of the School's facilities on two sites offers a strong working atmosphere. Personal studios are arranged with fellow students according to need and change with each new group. The Ruskin is distinctive within the University because all the teaching takes place within the School. There is a sense of expectation about the place, a day-to-day exchange of ideas and a developing debate with the department as a whole.

Like every other university I have to apply through UCAS, although I do need to prepare a portfolio which consists of on average 20 pieces of art...
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