Why I Want to Join the Mba

Topics: Finance, Knowledge, Experience Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: March 15, 2011
I need to join the MBA basically because it is a reputable educational institution known for its discipline, excellence as well as having experienced lecturers. This I have confirmed from some alumni, colleagues and friends who are currently pursuing their MBA program. Some of the experiences they shared also informed me about the sharing of knowledge between students who come from different backgrounds and various fields of study and profession. It has therefore always been a wish to obtain my degree from this renowned institution, because I know the program will help me achieve my personal and professional targets and goals. I believe this will also help me develop and grow to become a better person, face my future challenges and to contribute positively towards our nation building. I am currently pursuing a career in the Banking Industry, and I intend to be in senior management position in a reputable financial institution in the next decade. The experience I have gained over the years in the Banking Industry has exposed me to a whole range of businesses and how to deal with different people. Should I be given admission, the skills I have acquired will not remain just with me but will be shared when possible and will therefore contribute actively during lectures and discussions. Observations during lectures will also be shared with the authorities to make the program profitable and also for other participants to benefit from the feedback. Ever since I have been wishing to go , I have made adequate investment towards financing the program. Therefore I will be financing the course with my own resources.
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