Why I Want to Go to College

Topics: Surgery, Gymnastics, Injury Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: March 11, 2008
Why I want to go to college…
At eight years old I participated in my first gymnastics competition. No matter how crazy I flipped or twisted, somehow I always landed on my feet. It was my innate talent, and others took notice. In our local gymnastics club, I watched the older girls practice their routines. I desperately wanted to learn how to flip just like them. Even at such a young and impressionable age I quickly adapted to a disciplined lifestyle based on dedication and self-motivation. Learning new and exciting ways to defy gravity became my passion. My hard work paid off as I found myself a Level 10 gymnast (one level below the Olympic level) at only 13 years old. I missed out on most of my childhood because I was practicing and perfecting my routines six days a week, three and a half hours a day. I battled serious injuries and overcame major setbacks. But it was all worth it at the end of the season knowing you're a state champion and qualifying to Nationals. Receiving a full athletic scholarship to a Division I school was no longer a dream but becoming my reality. Then it was all shattered last summer when I blew out my knee on a dismount landing off the uneven bars. July 3rd, 2006 I underwent reconstructive surgery including a total ACL replacement. I developed a strong relationship with my orthopedic surgeon, his nursing staff, and physical therapist throughout my rehab. But this was my third knee surgery and returning to the sport could seriously jeopardize my future health.

Now I coach the youngest competitive level at the club that I competed for. I take pride in what I do, knowing that I am teaching these girls their basic skills in which they will elaborate on one day. Seeing their faces after performing a new trick for the very first time, reminds me of a feeling that only a gymnast knows. I hope that I am igniting a burning passion of their own. Passion is the driving force behind every part of my life. I have passion for my friends and...
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