Why I Want to Do Medicine

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Pharmacy Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: January 26, 2012
I have not had a member of my family dramatically saved by a revolutionary surgeon. I have not been influenced at a young age by a caring GP. I have not dreamt of being a doctor for my entire life, nor played doctors and nurses as a child. These things often belong to television medical dramas, not real life. And real life is what I have experienced. I have seen friends and colleagues so tired from nights of endless study that they answer the ward phone “Countdown Dunedin, Patricia here” (their part time job from over ten years ago). I have seen them despair at not only not knowing what to do for their favourite patient, but not knowing what to do for the 15 other patients on their list for the day. Everyday I witness their frustration at not being able to either give their full attention to a patient, disappointment at not being able to convey the consequences of chronic medication non-compliance and the general day to day stresses of hospital life compounded with their medical inexperience. Yet I state – I want to be a doctor. Over the past five years I have been a clinical pharmacist. I am a good pharmacist – I have sound knowledge in pharmaceutics and pharmacology, I have had wonderful relationships with health professionals of all ages and specialties and I take pride in my work and ability to relate to patients. I have risen through staff structure to be a clinical and department team leader, as well as being an active member of various hospital and national health groups - roles I enjoy due to their pro-active healthcare approach. One part of my job involves teaching and working closely with medical staff. Some have said to me “I bet you hate having to lecture us about medicines all the time”, but what they don’t realise is that it’s often one of the best parts of my job. Through them I get to hear about the complications and the challenges that face them everyday and I love to hear their stories. At the moment I feel like I am close, but yet so far, to...
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