Why I Want to Be a Sports Agent

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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KIN 2510
Career Goals and Internship Assignment
While everyone else is screaming about the quarterback who just scrambled for a touchdown on fourth-and-seven, that guy at the end of your row may be pondering a different number -- a 3 percent agent's fee on $20 million in guaranteed money, perhaps. . Money hungry, sneaky, dishonest, unscrupulous. These are words that some athletes would use to describe a sports agent that they’ve had bad dealings with. Even a casual football fan has seen the impact of that scramble in the run-up to the current season. This past summer, universities across the South found themselves embroiled in controversies regarding player agent relationships, and one coach -- Nick Saban, of national champion University of Alabama -- angrily compared some agents to pimps. A good agent can help a professional athlete attain financial and mental stability during and after his career. An incompetent or dishonest agent can ruin an athlete’s playing career and threaten his financial security for years afterward. I aspire to be a great sports agent in the field of football with hard work, hands-on experience, dedication, and perserverance.

What exactly is a sports agent? A sports agent works to market an athlete or products that are related to that athlete to promote the athlete's career within his or her given sport. This means that the sports agent is responsible for meeting with team owners, managers, coaches and other individuals to promote the athlete that they represent. Much of a sports agent's day is spent networking, talking with other professionals in the sport and keeping abreast of current trends and information that may affect decisions that the agent recommends to the athlete. In team and individual sports the agent works to negotiate contracts that are in the best interest of the athlete. This usually means getting a better salary, making provisions for injuries, or taking other options in lieu of salary increases. The sports...
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