Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Topics: Nursing, Patient, Healthcare Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Tracy Kish

The field of nursing has long interested me because I find myself compassionate about providing care to sick people. I think that the field of nursing may serve as a way for me to help individuals especially during their most difficult times such as illness and accidents. I am aware that the training required to become a nurse is challenging. I am still willing to undergo such challenging training in order to enhance my greatest capabilities as a nurse. I am excited about learning psychological concepts that will be later applied as I interact with different kinds of patients during my nursing profession. I would like to be a nurse because this is the best image I can see myself performing in the near future.

Nurses are an essential in every healthcare facility. They serve an important role by providing assistance and technical activities that will facilitate healthcare management of a patient. I am aware that there is a shortage of nurses in the world, mostly due to the increase in the human population all over the world. I am also very concerned of the need for better healthcare programs for the elderly, since they urgently need proper care during their last valuable years on this Earth. I am highly driven to become a nurse that is capable of working in nursing homes , doctors ' clinics , hospitals or even as a medic nurse.

It is definitely thrilling to foresee that I may play a crucial role in saving lives, as well as providing a key role in preventing disease and complications among individuals under my care. Nurses function as essential members of a healthcare program, and I would like to see myself sharing my capabilities for the good of mankind, even at its simplest level of care.

I would also want to be a nurse so that I could educate patients on how to manage their sick family members at home. There is nothing more important than helping people improve their way of lives through...
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