Why I Want to Be a Vet

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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I want to be a vet technician because I feel I have compassion for animals, that will propel me to be the very best at taking care of them when sick. When ever I see a sick animal, I cant help but to feel bad for it, and wish there was something I could do to help the animal. I’ve been around animals my whole life, and have many different kinds; my dogs are my best friends. I’ve also worked at a pet store for almost a year now taking care of the reptiles, fish, and small animals. Which is a blast, and for once I actually enjoy going to work. I guess its my fascination for animals that make me want to learn more, like different diseases, cures for those diseases, different parasites, warning signs, overall health advice, and etc… With all this all knowledge, I would there for be able to take better care of my own animals.

With my pervious jobs skills I feel I would be very good at the customer relations part of the job. I’ve had many years of experience with angry or upset customers, and handling concerns, while being sympathetic to them. I’m also a very patient person, and I’m very good at respecting others, while trying talk to a person.

I think it would be particularly fun to work in a exotic or small animal hospital, or to even one day own my own small animal clinic. Which would include animals like dogs, cats, rabbit, ferrets, fish, reptiles like snakes, lizards, frogs, geckos, and etc… Rather then working with bigger animals like horses, cows, goats, and different animals that you would see at the zoo. I feel have more control with the animal, where’s as with the bigger animals I would be to nervous to jump in a cage with a tiger and take its temperate, pulse and respiration.

As a vet tech I would never be allowed to prescribe medicines, diagnose a patient, or help out with surgeries, which I want to be part of. In order to do any of that you have to become a LV “ licensed vet”, which involves an extra 2-4 years of schooling after you become a...
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