Why I Want to Be a Real Estate Agent

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Why I want to be a Real Estate Agent
Education and Background-
Hello, I am . I am a young 23 old senior at San Diego State University. I have chosen my career path to follow my degree in Business Administration emphasis in real estate. I am a very motivated student that wants to get more than just an education from school. I want a future with a job that I will enjoy, a job that there is no limit to my success. With achieving a bachelor’s degree instead of doing the bare minimum of only getting a real estate license I will be far superior to all other agents that did the bare minimum. I choose to do real estate with business because it will apply to any type of work and only benefit me. Some of the classes that are required to get a degree are many real Estate classes, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Management, and work Ethics. Interests-

I have always wanted a house, like most people do. Houses unlike most things usually appreciate in value over time. Meaning, buying a house is a good investment, which I have found to be very exciting. There will always be a market for houses because everyone will eventually need one. A secure job that I can always have is what I am looking for. Not only do I want to buy and sell houses. I want to find good deals on houses that I can “flip,” investing my time and money to make a greater profit. Knowing where to look for houses and what to look for is a great skill that everyone should have. With schooling and training, I will acquire this skill. Skills and Accomplishments-

I am a well-rounded individual that likes to take in any information that is presented to me. I have always been good with having great people skills within family, friends, and work. Recently at my current job I have been promoted to supervisor for 1-20 employees at a time, due to my proficient leadership and my extraordinary customer satisfaction. Having skills that can be very useful in a sellers position is an excellent quality. Other skill...
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