Why I Want to Be a Teacher

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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Why I want to become a Teacher

Becoming a teacher has been a life-long dream of mine since I was in grade school. I remember sitting in Mrs. Lawrence’s 5th grade classroom wanting to be just like her. I had planned to go away to college the fall after my high school graduation but sometimes life has other plans for you. My plans have taken longer to reach then I anticipated but I now have the opportunity to reach those dreams to nurture and motivate my student just as Mrs. Lawrence did. I know teaching is my calling and I want to be able to influence and mold future generations by being a positive role model in their lives. I have been working on being a role model teaching Sunday school in my church for years. I am trying to positively influence my students to be a kind and loving people. It is so rewarding to see the kids faces light up when they learn and understand the stories we are studying. Becoming a teacher in the classroom setting I believe is similar but on a grander scale. I find Sundays challenging finding ways to get the message across and keeping their attention, but little by little I am seeing changes in them and I know that teaching is what I long to do. I know that teaching in the school setting will be challenging as well but I am up for it. Although the main commitment to my students will be to teach the school curriculum in a way to meet the required objectives, I would like to use of variety of strategies and be creative in my teaching plans. I hope to arouse the student’s curiosity and foster a desire to continue to learn. Another commitment that I think is equally important is to recognize each student as an individual. Although we will be teaching subjects we also teaching children. I want to understand their academic abilities, personalities, and who will be their main support in regards to school. I want to know what motivates them to do their best and what will hold them back. Understanding the parent’s...
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