Why I Think William Golding Wrote Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : April 4, 2008
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Why I think William Golding wrote the novel “Lord of the Flies” By: Hoang Nguyen

The novel William Golding wrote is mainly about a bunch of young British boys stranded on a deserted island without any adults. Then the boys tried to establish some-what a civil society to resolve problems but unfortunate events happen one after another. I believe the reason why Golding wrote the novel was because he had seen many things during World War One while servicing the British Royal Navy and tried to interpret these events he saw through an allusion. I think the idea he tried to show what humans are in reality; he shows them as corrupted beings. I believe the novel shows how man fails at creating a true civil society. This is interpreted through the boys as they establish a leader and as the story develops. Another reason why I believe he wrote the novel was because he tried to show what human nature really was; I saw it as savage and immoral. The main idea was the evil of humanity; this was referenced by the title. The title refers to Beelzebub; this can be a reference to Satan. I think Golding wanted to show that humans were naturally evil. In the novel the boys spit themselves up into two tribes. I think Golding did this purposely to show how man was divided and how there can be no peace among man. The last reason why I think Golding wrote the novel was because he wanted to output his feelings. Wars do cause mental trauma and what people can do is express their feelings. I think that is what Golding has done here; he wanted to show what war really was through his piece of literature.
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