Why I Study Mba

Topics: Learning, Canada, Management Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Name: Chuchu

Many of my Chinese friends have already asked me why I study MBA. And I always told them that I could change my life if I study MBA. I believe that MBA can really change my life in many aspects, such as strength my work and study capabilities, improve job opportunities and have a chance to understand other country’s culture. As everyone knows, studying MBA can enhance capabilities for solving problems. It also can improve understanding and develop my teamwork skills. There are a lot of cases we will meet in the period of studying MBA. We need to analyze them and understand what benefits and disadvantages they have. If there is any problem we will try to figure out a best way to solve it. Sometimes we will think and analyze case by individual, but I will focus on how to work as a team. Teamwork can make we work more effective. No matter we do some business or a simply work, the power comes from a team is stronger and any individual’s. Therefore, how to organize each partner in the group is the key. I think I will have a lot of chances to practice this skill during my MBA study. All these capabilities I could learn and enhance in MBA study will influence my career in the future. Studying MBA will bring me more opportunities for find an appropriate job in the future. The people who have MBA degree usually can get more salary or chances for salary increase in their work place. One of reason is that most of these people have enhanced capabilities. Accord a survey, 70% of people who have an MBA could get a position as either directors or senior managers. Senior position means high salary we can get. The reason I choose to study MBA in Canada is I can understand culture in this country. I plan to spend about two years to stay in this developed country while I study my MBA. This is a best opportunity to understand Canadian culture and custom. At the meantime, I can also learn how Canadian do business and more than that Canada is...
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