Why I Started Working

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Why I started working
Job is something that everybody should have in life in order to provide with their needs and goods. In a few paragraphs, I am going to tell you why I started working. A person will usually start working if he or she feels in need. However, I started working for three reasons.

The first and most important reason I started working is to save money. Money is everything, without money you can’t do anything in life. Everybody needs to have a safe place to put their savings money. A bank account is a good example of saving money. I save money especially for my emergency funds. For instance, if I get sick or hurt, the money that I save will help me cover my meds. In addition, I save money so I can buy a car because I don’t want to spend all my life taking buses. I also save money to provide foods for myself and the family because nobody can’t live without eating.

The second reason why I started working is to pay my bills. Nobody is going to provide me with a service for free. I cannot acquire things that I cannot provide on my own. For example, I have to pay for my phone in order to keep my services. My family has electricity bills, water bills , and many other bills to pay so they can keep the house and not be homeless. Therefore, I help them with those kind of bills so we can have somewhere to live. Everybody who needs to keep having services should pay their bills. Paying your bills is a way to compensate people or companies for services they provide us.

The last and least reason why I started working is to spend my days doing something that I am good at. For example, if I don’t work, and I have every day for myself, I could choose to...
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