Why I Should Be Promoted

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Why I Should Be Promoted to PFC.
PV2 Champlin
11 OCT 2010
Here are a few reasons on why I believe that I should be promoted to PFC. First, I’m ready to further my career as an enlisted soldier. Being the best I can be is all I’ve ever wanted and I’m ready to take the next step in the army with being promoted to PFC. Secondly, I’m ready to take on more responsibility as that shows that I’m becoming a better soldier and beginning to make progress on becoming a leader because with more rank comes more responsibility.

What am I going to do after the promotion? I am going to take the responsibilities and tasks that I am given and carry out and perform them to my upmost best ability. I am going to be more motivated and take more initiative to get things done quicker and more efficiently than before. I’m going to learn my job and equipment until I am at the highest standard of a 14J. I’m going to sharpen my soldiering skills and begin to take leadership classes to prepare me for my future as a NCO.

Here are a few flaws that I have found in myself. To begin, I could motivate myself more and take more initiative to get things done faster. I need to work on being on time to formations. I need to work on learning my job better and expanding my knowledge of the equipment. I need to keep my attitude to myself, and I need to help other people out more.

Here’s what I’m going to do to fix these flaws. I’m going to re-motivate myself daily and start showing that I can handle responsibility by taking the initiative to do things and brings up ideas to the squad on what I can do to better myself and better the squad as a whole. I’m going to leave earlier than I normally do to make sure that I am standing in formation ten minutes prior as I was counseled on. I’m going to keep my comments and thoughts to myself and drive on with what I have to do to complete the mission at hand. I’m also going to help my fellow soldiers out more and begin to build better friendships and...
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