Why I Should Be President

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Time Management!

If I am elected as your President, I will assure you that school will begin at 9:00am. Students start school much to early, and this causes students to be worn out and tired. Once I am elected, I will make sure that this is the set time, and brunch will be an option. Spending 15 minutes of our day “socializing” when we could just be getting our classes over with and get out that much earlier is wrong. Once I am president I will make sure that brunch can be taken, or skipped. You will just simply chose it on your schedule like it is a class.

Vote For Me,

Danielle Sarff!

I support everyone on this campus. I have a group of girls that I like to operate with and they as well know many different people which means that they also will tell me what the students want. I want the student body to feel that when I am elected they can come and talk to me as if I am any other person on campus.

Danielle Sarff
Campaign Project
Period 4

Why I should be your President!

This year’s senior class leaves a legacy of broken tradition. If elected, I will ensure that our class leaves a legacy of new and exciting traditions. Here are a few of my objectives for our senior year. I will create a website for the Student Council to interact with the student body, providing students with a better avenue of communication not only with student council, but with other students as well. I want to create a place where students can share their concerns and comments with other students via a message board, and also voice their opinions by way of email directly to student council and class officers. While creating this website, I also hope to make a closer and lasting relationship between the class president and the students.

When other students considered running for this position and wondered what their potential duties would be, the most common answers...
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