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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Why I Should Be On Yearbook Staff
I think I should be chosen for the year book staff because I am a very creative person. Being creative and expressing myself is something I definitely love doing, and I feel that if I could be a part of creating the year book, I could show off my creativeness. I always have a positive attitude and I like making people laugh. Qualities like that are the reasons that everyone loves me; I’m an all around person. Being able to talk to people to get them to buy a yearbook is something I could definitely do. Also, I would be proud to state the fact that I was apart of helping people remember their experiences and memories throughout high school.

Honestly I never really was a big fan of writing assignments and things of that sort. It often takes me a lot planning and thinking to actually get into an assignment, but if it’s a topic I enjoy, I will go all out to try to impress my teachers and whomever else may become a potential reader of my work. I’ve always gotten compliments from my English teachers throughout my years telling me that my work was some of the best they’d ever read. Being that writing is one of the main parts of the yearbook, if I were chosen, I would try my best to make my writings interesting and something that people would enjoy.

I’m not the most organized person in the world and at times I do procrastinate on things that I know I need to get done, but when I do come around to doing the task, I make sure I give it my full attention. Once I start something, I’m determined to finish it. Even if the task before me starts to seem as if it’s becoming too much for me, I won’t give up. I’lll keep striving until the task is complete. Putting my academics first is definitely one of my most important priorities, as well as sports because being that I will be a junior next year, I have to be a leader for my team. If chosen for the staff, I would also make my best effort to prioritize this as well because I definitely...
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