Why I Love America

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Topic: Growing up in my family has influenced my life in significant ways.

My family has always been a very important staple in my life. They are there if I ever am in trouble or in need of help. If I need to talk to someone , and I need to calm down ,and keep focus , they can do that for me . I was raised in a healthy environment , when the most important things were love , respect and support. I believe that everything a person experiences should be used in future tasks to help make good decisions. Everything that I learned from them , I want to practice in my own little family.

To begin with, love was something that I never missed in my family. My sisters and I were raised surrounded with it . Every single day when my parents came home from their jobs , although tired , they always found time to play with us. Every night before we went to sleep , our father read to us the story about three little princesses . We knew that story very well , it was our favorite , because we were those princesses . I still remember one time when I hurt my leg so bad , and my parents were so worried about me. They took me to the hospital immediately . My mother cried so much , and now that I have my own little girl, I know what all that worry was about. It is essential for me to intergrade the impact of family into my child. She needs to know that friends will come and go , but the love of her family is the one constant she will have in her life.

Another thing , that I learned from my parents is respect for others. It was...
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