Why I Like Watching the Voice Us

Topics: Singing, Human voice, Vocal range Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Among the TV programs I have watched, I like The Voice US best, which is an American reality singing competition broadcast on NBC. The Voice was first on air in 2011, as a spring TV program, but the first time I watched this show was on April, 2012 thanks to my friend’s recommendation. Well, there are 4 main reason explaining why I like watching The Voice. Firstly, The voice is a singing competition that unlike any others, because it puts the vocal ability first. It is easy to see that 4 coaches have the backs to the singers in the first round. That’s why it is called the Blind audition. Therefore, how the singers look, what they wear, all about their appearance and even their performance on stage cannot influence the coaches. On this show, it takes more than a beautiful face. The crux factor is vocal. Secondly, the 4 coaches of the voice is definitely 4 superstars. They are Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. It is absolutely no dout that they are 4 of the most influential and biggest names in all of music. In this show, they are not judges, but coaches and on a mission to discover and develop American next great voice. They also have great sense of humour when they compete together and convince the singers to join their team. I really enjoy their jokes. Thirdly, I strongly think that the singers on the voice are extremely talented. Their voice is soulful and just blow me away. Some I feel they sing impressively from the deepest part of their heart. Last but not least, watching the voice is not only a way to relax but also the opportunity for me to improve listening skill. This really helps me a lot. Thanks to this show, I know a lot of slangs, idioms and normal conversation used in daily life. In conclusion, I really love watching The voice, especially the first season. My mother rarely watches this show, but sometimes she watches the Vietnamese version of the Voice on TV. Additionally, I have introduced The voice to many friends...
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