Why I Joined Jrotc

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Since age eleven, the military was single handedly the only career field I could possibly fathom myself going into. Upon coming to and registering for Blackman High School, joining JROTC was a no brainer. Especially when I learned I could take this class in substitution for gym class. JROTC is more than a class; it is a program all its own and within it are kids with a future. I would like to believe that JROTC is greatly contributing to this and really guiding us as students in the right direction. Even if our sights are set on something other than the military after graduating high school, JROTC looks great on a college application. Not only in that does it make a positive impact on those, but in ourselves as individuals as well. JROTC teaches us confidence, integrity, respect, and leadership skills. This is my first year in JROTC and I am very new to it all, but I am eager to take away from it precisely that. I trust this program to teach me to be not only a leader, but also a good follower with teamwork skills and confidence in my peers. Being in the company of such great people, both students and staff, I feel I am on the right path to be taking action on learning so.

Being in JROTC has given me structure and I am grateful for it. It has taught me qualities I will find immensely useful down the road when I graduate high school and go off to Alaska Pacific University, followed by Officer Candidate School, and finally the United States Navy. With JROTC experience under my belt, I will be pursuing this with confidence in not only myself but the choice I have made to go about such a route.

Coming from an area to which the term “JROTC” is completely unheard of, I did not quite know what to expect upon entering this class. What I found was a fantastic group of kids that are eager to learn and indulge in all that this has to offer. Never before have I found a program to which I was fully committed until I was presented with the outstanding opportunity of...
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