Why I Hate People Being Late

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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People who are always late

Is it really that hard to be on time? Since you know you are leaving why don't you try to leave at a reasonable time?

To start with, I'm a very punctual person who hates people who are always late. Always being chronically late is one of the most annoying thing a person can do. I understand occasionally, but all the time? I mean `Come on´.

This annoys me greatly. I have two friends who used to be late almost every single time. I remember one time, one of these friend's and I wanted to meet up at around 11am. In usual style I was there early and proceeded to wait at the same spot for over one hour. Eventually he turned up at 12.00am without an apology or even a hint of an excuse, and it put me in an irritable mood for a long time when we were together. But what's even worse is when on top of that, if he would showed up with a cup of coffee in his hand. `I mean what the hell´. Luckily this didn't happened. I have probably spent a whole day standing and waiting for them if you add it all together. They're just lucky they are such amazing friends to be with once they get there. Luckily they don't do this anymore so much, they normally text ahead or arrive on time. But on the very odd occasion that I think I'm going to be even five minutes late I will always make contact and explain why I'm late and by how long, or if I can't, apologize when I arrive. Being punctual is not that hard. It comes down to a lack of respect towards other people. It seems that the "late people's" time is so much more valuable than yours. It also says a lot about a person's respect level towards other people. If they're late, they don't care. If they don't care, they shouldn't even have bothered showing up in my opinion. Sometimes I'm starting to get sick of always being on time (or early) and feeling like I'm the only one who cares, while the others just sit back and doesn't gives a fuck. And some people are so disgustingly self...
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