Why I Enrolled in Jrotc

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I joined Army JROTC because I wanted to be a part of a team thatWhi I Enrolled In JROTC people respect and honor. I also joined JROTC because I think it will help me out later on in my life. My god father served in the military for 4 years. My step father served in the military for 5 years. With them being in the military has gave me some influence to join the military.

There are several types of JROTC. There are different types of teams such as the drill team the drum corps etc. JROTC teaches you how to become a leader, how to set yourself up for success. Having JROTC looks good on your college transcript. JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

JROTC is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed forces in high schools across the US. The program was originally created as a part of the National Defense Act Of 1916. JROTC’s main mission is to “ motivate young people to be a better citizen .” JROTC helps young people get ready for ROTC in college or the military.

The most important title a student can have at my age is cadet. Being in JROTC gives me a status of honor and work ethic. When someone older sees me in my uniform I am looked at as responsible and respectful. I have learned to respect authority figures, and memorize facts that will help me out later in life. Now when I hear the pledge of allegiance I say it aloud with my hand over my heart with pride. When I was younger I would just stand there saying the pledge without knowing what I was saying it for.

Now when I say the pledge I know that I am saying it for the men who created our constitution after months of compromise. I say the pledge for the men who died in the...
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