Why I Decided to Return to School

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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Why I Decided to Return to School
The reason I am back at school is because I want to finish something I started over 20 years ago. I want a sense of accomplishment. Once I graduate, I hope to move forward in my current position as an accounts payable specialist. I want to work on more advanced accounting procedures such as financial analysis and cross training in the entire accounting department. I have been thinking about returning to school for many years but marriage, kids and work were my first priority. I decided that now is the right time, with my last child in college and the economy in a slump. When I graduated from high school, all that was needed to get a decent paying job was a bachelor’s degree. Today, a bachelor’s degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma 10 years ago. I was planning on taking classes at WCTC which started in late August of this year. I had already started the process by having my transcripts transferred from another technical college. It was the beginning of August and I was waiting to hear how many of my credits would transfer. This also happened to be the time of the Wisconsin State Fair. My husband and I attended as we have every year. That trip to the fair changed my course of education in a way I never would have imagined. Cardinal Stritch University had a booth in the expo center. As I passed by the booth I thought to myself, “why not check and see what kind of programs Stritch has to offer.” I decided to go back. The two people at the booth were very informative. What caught my attention was when I was told I could get a bachelor degree in little over 2 years by taking one class a week. WHY I DECIDED TO RETURN TO SCHOOL 3 That was amazing because I was planning on attending WCTC for at least 2 ½ years to complete the 12 credits needed to receive my associate degree. With the current economic condition and thousands of...
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