Why I Decided to Return Back to School

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Why I Decided To Return Back To School
School plays a major role in the world today. It seems like the without an education a good job seems impossible to find. However an education is also good if you want to advance. That is why I decided to return to school so that I could advance at my current job. I also wanted a higher education for me. Last but not least I wanted to show my daughter that mommy didn’t just stop school after high school, I went on to college.

I am currently a Human Service Assistant and lord knows I love my job. I get to help people and make a difference in their life’s as well as their family. My job is a state job and the benefits are great to but I want to advance. I always told myself after high school that I would go straight to college. Things changed I decided to wait a while and a while turned into five years. I see people that come to my job and maybe work in my field for about three months than they advance. They advance because they have a degree and I told myself that this was it; I’m returning back to school.

When I waited to go back to school I watched some of the people that graduated with me. They had great jobs and some had already purchased their first homes. It made me feel low and disgusted with myself. That’s when I said to myself one day “I want to do better”. I wanted to return to school not just to advance at my job but a chapter in my life that I wanted to fulfill would be closed. I could feel good about myself deep down inside. I felt when my class reunion came up I would fit in.

We are our children role models. Nine times out of ten they want to be like one of their parents if not both of them. I want my daughter to finish high school and be the best she knows how to be. I want college to be number one on her list of to do things when she graduates. With that being said she should be able to say my mama did it so I know I can too. I told myself that I would never push my children to do...
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