Why I Dance

Topics: Dance Pages: 2 (941 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Ever since I was a little girl dance has always been in my life. I can still remember as a three year old putting on my favorite pink sparkly costume on, and applying bright red-hot lipstick all over my chirpy face. I would put glitter all over my face and run around the house twirling. I felt like I was a princess whenever I danced, but sometimes I think I got so into my own fantasy, that I got so dizzy I knocked myself into the wall. And the wall wasn’t the only thing I got myself knocked into, I got myself into chairs, tables and even a lamp! Usually I would just cry for a couple minutes and my mother would comfort me but then I’d get right back on my feet and start twirling. But once I knocked into my mother’s lamp, I think that was the last straw she finally said to me, “Honey, if I put you in a dance class will you PROMISE me you wont dance in the house again?” and that’s how it all began… Now 10 years later I still keep dancing. Dancing is not so much as a choice to me as a need. When one is thirsty, one drinks water. When I hear music, my body naturally starts moving because this is what I need to do to stay alive. Dance is and will always be my passion. People tend to ask me why I love dance so much, but words can’t explain, you have to be a dancer to completely understand the love of this art. Maybe it’s the control of the dancers body to execute each move flawlessly that enraptures me? Or it could be the look on the dancers’ face that that says they love what they’re doing? Either way I love to dance. It brings such joy to so many people, both the dancer and the people watching. Some people may disagree and say, “Dance is not a sport!” But I say it is. Sports require pushing your body physical body to reach its maximum performance level. Some people consider throwing a ball and tackling a sport. But in my mind that is not a sport. Dance is a sport. Dance requires grace and elegance. Dance requires you to feel the music, and let the music seep into...
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