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Topics: College, High school, Historically black colleges and universities Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: November 17, 2007

Well UAPB wasn't the first college on my list right of high school. I had plenty chooses of college I wanted to go to. My aunt who was a graduate of UAPB told me to come see if u would like UAPB. So I can the campus during the summer of 2006. Since my aunt had told me so much about the university. And it seem pretty descent, she showed me the JBJ cafeteria, all the dorm rooms, and the hyper gym. After that I was kind of neutral about coming to UAPB. Then my aunt showed mw all the majors. UAPB had a major that I liked very much. So I decided to check UAPB out. First I went and looked at the basketball team play during their practice, because whatever school I was going to attend I was going to try playing ball. After I watched them I decided that if I attend this university I would play ball. So I finally came to an agreement with myself that I was going to attend UAPB. I attend UAPB because the outlook of the university was good on my visit during the summer. It was so much my aunt told about the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. First, she told that it was a HBCU, and I asked he was that does that mean. And she said Historically Black Colleges and University and its one of the cheapest college you can find. Second the university had something I wanted to major in to continue my life after college. Third, the university had a pretty descent basketball team that in the future I wanted to be on. All the things help me deicide that I wanted to attend this university the visit help my decision the most. That's why I chose to attend the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
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