Why I Chose Nursing School

Topics: Emergency medical technician, Emergency medical services, Physician Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: March 7, 2013
As a little girl I remember watching my mom come home from work in her yellow scrubs and thinking, gosh what a cool job, it must be so exciting making a difference. When I graduated from high school the last thing I thought I would be doing was working in the medical profession. I worked as a cosmetologist for 11 years and was in need of a change. I changed jobs and was working in an office environment. My mother was very sick and I spent numerous hours in the emergency room. I knew then that this was the profession I wanted to be in.

I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for three years and I have been working as a Paramedic for almost six years. I have worked in rural communities and also in the city area which gives me a different prospective to patient treatment. I enjoy the longer transports because you have the opportunity to see a change in your patient’s status. You are able to see that you have made this patient better or maybe if there is no change you are able to learn how to change things to make the change next time around. I feel that it is important to stop and listen to what your patient is telling you and not be in a hurry, even if we are extremely busy it is important that your patient feels as if they are the only patient you have had all day. My theory that I work and live by is I treat every patient as if they are my family member.

My mother worked as an LPN when I was younger and she was always my idol. She was always someone I looked up to and I realize that I am looking for follow up on my patients in the ambulance that it is time for me to do some follow up and continue my education. I have been sitting idle as a Paramedic and have considered going to nursing school but have never followed it up. Well here I am, Paramedic Angela D Wilson looking to continue my climb up the ladder of success and enter into your nursing program. I am looking forward to learning and meeting new people in my life. I am looking forward to making a...
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