Why I Choose a Career of Medical Transcripionist

Topics: Medical transcription, Medicine, Transcription Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: January 18, 2012
There is a wide range of job opportunities available to practically anyone in the US. One particular occupation is a Medical Transcriptionist, a career I have been inspired to strive for. There are a number of reasons why I desire to become a Medical Transcriptionist.

One reason is that I spend a large amount of time in front of the computer. I continue to maintain a 70-80 WPM typing, and I would honestly love to gain money from typing. I also would like to contribute to making sure medical processes go smoothly by creating concise, clear documents. My friend recommended medical transcription to me, and I began to research it. I wanted to pursue a Medical Transcription certificate or degree to increase my chances to get some sort of transcriptionist or clerical job.

The most beneficial advantage for working as a MT is the flexible hours and availability to work anywhere, like at home. Although that may be the largest advantage to most, there is a reason for me to be able to work at home. As my spouse in IT job, most of the time we are travelling from one city to another. Due to this frequent travels and switching of places I am not able to concentrate on my job. Also I have my children to look after and concentrate and also I want to be a support for my husband so that we can take acre of the loans and other needs of the family in a more efficient way. Also we are living here in another country far away from ours and we are not able to frequently visit our family back there due to financial constraints. With this flexibility, I will be able to afford money and time to visit them.

Penn Foster is a great MT course choice for many different reasons. I have searched long and wide for medical transcription schools and found many, including US Career Institute, Allied Medical School, and Career Step, all of which ranges from $1200-$1800! The cheap pricing (and high quality) of Penn Foster is a great motivation to consider this class over others. In addition,...
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