Why I Choose to Be a Sociology Major

Topics: Pythagorean theorem, Mathematics, Theorem Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: June 5, 2011
In comparison to previous topics I’ve studied, sociology better suits what it is I

want to do with my life. It has taken me a while to figure what my niche is since I’ve

been in college. Before declaring sociology as a major, I was a business major. I have

always had a strong interest in business, but as I progressed with the program, it became

evident to me that I have no interest in working in corporate America. I realized that I

would much rather become and entrepreneur and discover new ways to help people. After

reading up on sociology, I saw that sociology offers you knowledge that translates across

the board, whereas business is more one-dimensional.

Math has always been a weakness of mine, and luckily, sociology only requires

one class. Although that shouldn’t be a major selling point, it definitely was for me!

While I’m aware that sociology is by no means easy, it is certainly a relief to know that I

will no longer be tested on information that I feel is totally useless to me. I struggled in

the majority of my math related classes while I was a business major, and that was quite

depressing for me. After much debate, I decided that I would probably be best if I opted

for a career course that did not include anti-derivatives and the Pythagorean theorem!

People skills are integral part of any organization, and sociology provides you

with the information to perfect them. By studying how people work and interact, I will

be more effective in whatever career path I choose to take. Sociology will enhance

whatever knowledge and experience I have concerning people skills because I will be

more aware of how to reach people on a more personable level.
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