Why I Choose to Be a Police Officer

Topics: United States, Family, Police Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: August 27, 2012
Torrey Rendell Gibbs

Why Do I want to become a police Officer?

I want to become a police officer because I feel that it is the calling and purpose God has for my life. As a husband and father of a thirteen year old step daughter, a nine year old daughter, a five year old daughter, and an one year old son; it has come natural for me to be a protector. I take pride in knowing and hearing my family say the feel safe at night under my leadership. It is my duty that I make sure that everyone in my household, are law abiding citizens. Years before I became a husband and father the desire to protect and serve steered me to join the United State Air Force Reserve. I took great pride in joining that organization because my Father made his career and living by also joining the Unites States Air Force. His leadership and mentoring gave me initiative early in life on how to protect and serve. Even though I am not a perfect person and have made a few mistakes in my life, I have never loss the motivation and drive to do the right thing in accordance to the law. Becoming a police officer would mean that I would be in a position to make a significant difference in my community. I will help those that may not be able to help themselves. I will be a mentor to the upcoming generation by being a positive image or role model they can look up to as an example. Becoming a police officer, I will have a career that I would take pride in and can further myself in becoming a better citizen, husband, and father. I will then be able to instill in others the inspirations that were given to me. I am confident in my abilities, if given the opportunity; I will become a valuable asset to the Birmingham Police Department. I have many skills in a wide range of areas such as: photography, firearms, tactics, driving, and computer usage as well as repair and maintenance that can be utilized in various ways for the Birmingham Police Department and City of Birmingham.
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