Why I Choose Respiratory Therapy

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Why I Choose Respiratory Therapy

By | November 2007
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I always wanted to go t to college. I was suppose to start college last year until I became pregnant. So I had to wait until I had my baby. I have had my baby now so I'm ready. I just had to pick a great time to go. This is a good time for me so I'm taking advantage of this time. I choose ATI for my college center. There is three good reasons why I choose Respiratory Therapy out of so many career options.

Respiratory Therapist get paid a decent amount of money. I just had a baby so, making 34,000 a year starting out is good money. That will help me make a good living for me and my family. I want to be able to make a living without worrying about finance issues. I also want to be finance free with bills. With graduating from this program I will do just that.

Another reason why I choose RT is that, I like to help people. I am a people person. I would feel good knowing I just saved somebody's life. I would feel like a hero. My niece was on a respiration machine a few months back, so I was interested in it since then. I would also feel good knowing that I am the last resort of a person life.

The last reason why I choose RT is because of the out come. You graduate with a degree in this field. You will have a career. Not a job like you have now. A job is short term. A career is long term. I need long term.

In conclusion I would say in the long run I will be proud of myself finishing this course. I will have a career not a job. I'm aiming for long term goals of my life. So with a good supportive system, and good people around I will graduate. I will graduate happy. I might cry at the ceremony.

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