Why I Am Different

Topics: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: September 7, 2013
What makes me different
     Each one of us has our own individuality. We may have similarities to other people in terms of our physical appearances but we can only tell what really makes someone different is when get to know him/her personally.

     In my case, I know find it easy to declare who I am. One could say I am just another one in a sea of faces. Talking, laughing, doing what I need to do and what I am told. I am not an assertive person because oftentimes I think negatively.

I am just like any typical student and teenager. I do everything the same way I do every day. I have friends. I experience every suffering a student can imagine and I also felt all the best I did were just never enough.

If one would know my story, one can actually say I am no different from others. I belong to those who are product of a broken family. I had my share of heartbreaks and mistakes. I was hurt several times and I admit I have also hurt people at the expense of my own happiness. Yes, I have my own share of dramas and I can say that at my young age, I already had a bundle of experiences. I already felt like giving up.

But I realized God has always intervened and broke my spirit to save my soul. It was then that I learned to have faith to Him and trust Him in every way. And that makes me different. I just do not frown, I pray instead.

Being different is not only on what is seen on our physical appearances. It is what we really inside and how we perceive and respond to our own dilemmas

Writing – In most of the languages such as in English people write from left to right. If you are right handed you might have not even noticed that because it seems like something very natural for you. But people who are left handed find it very annoying to write in such a way because their hand smudges whatever they write. School Desks – You have probably seen those desks which are joined with a chair in schools. Whoever designed this did not think about...
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