Why I Am an American Patriot

Topics: The Star-Spangled Banner, Flag of the United States, Memorial Day Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: November 15, 2007
A patriot is one who serves his or her country. There are many things a patriot can do to influence others to stand up for their country. Anything a patriot does can help others to be patriots for their country and standing up to be proud there from that country.

I am an American Patriot because it is important to me to serve my country in a good way. Being an American Patriot, I say "The Pledge of Allegiance" every day at school. I sometimes sing "The National Anthem." These things are patriotic because I am pledging to the American Flag and singing America's song. Also, I celebrate many of America's holidays such as: The Fourth of July, or Independence Day. An American, like myself, celebrates Memorial Day as well, in remembrance of the important people who have died serving our country. Also, I celebrate Veterans Day; these are the people who survived in wars while serving our country. Presidents Day is also important because it is important to know who our former presidents were, and who served this country. There are many people in America that do not realize that the many things they do are standing up for our country and representing America. It is important for me to represent my country in a good way so people can know I'm an American Patriot, and I am standing up for my country. I am proud to be from America because I was born here and I am going to continue to be a patriot for America.

In conclusion, I am an American Patriot because I serve my country in a way that many others should as well. I take notice of what is going on in America, and I am aware when the important holidays are coming up. There are many patriots that understand what they are and what they do, but some people don't care about America and the important things in the country. I am glad that I am an American Patriot, and I'll continue to be a patriot. I am proud to serve my country.
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