Why You Should Relieve Stress

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Persuasive Speech
Do you ever feel so stressed out that you just feel like you’re going crazy, you want to break things, and you feel like you just can’t handle it anymore? Well I’ve been there before and I know how stressful life can be, even at my age. Stress can really make life difficult at times and it’s not healthy. I’m a strong believer in the idea that life is what you make of it, so if you don’t let stress get to you, you live an easier life, right? At one point or another everyone has been stressed. Every day presents one with stress, whether it’s something very miniscule or day ruining. Lately I have been researching stress and stress relief techniques to help myself due to events taking place on in my own life. I’m only juggling school, the gym, a band, a social life, and a job at the moment. According to LiveHealthClub.com, the five main causes of stress are financial problems, workplace stress, personal relationships, health, and everyday irritants. I’m going to focus on workplace stress, financial stress, and health stress along with techniques to help relieve each of those types of stress in hopes to convince to you all to take action on stress. There are many different ways to manage and relieve stress and they can make your life easier and make you a happier person. First I’d like to talk to you about Workplace stress. This can be the worst type of stress because a job provides livelihood for most people. I read on helpguide.org that the main causes of workplace stress are stemmed from feeling unrewarded, the fear of being laid off, and working too many hours. Many people spend the majority of their day at work. Being stressed out in the workplace can cause you to become exhausted, lose sex drive, or ruin your sleep habits, but there are some easy steps to take to reduce workplace stress, or even general stress. In a book called Take Control of Your Life, A Complete Guide to Stress Relief I read that having hobbies can help you feel more...
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