Why You Should Not Smoke

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  • Published : September 7, 2012
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Why You Should Not Smoke

This essay was written from a question I asked my grandfather. I asked him “Why do you smoke?” I watch as he coughs and gags while smoking. He loses his breath and can’t breathe. It smells awful, burns my eyes, and clouds up the whole house. I just do not see what you could possibly get from smoking besides: addicted, cancer, and problems with breathing. Why do you smoke? I know that you know that smoking hurts your body and others around you. Why do you continue to do it? You probably have not seen or read about how smoking attacks your body. There are several reasons why you should not smoke. Some of the reasons that you should not are: It disrespects the people around you, cigarettes cost a lot of money, and it will affect your breathing when you try to play with your kids. Also smoking is very addictive. You may start out smoking only one cigarette a day, but before long this will increase. The final reasons that you should not smoke are that second hand smoke affects other people, not you who smoke. So try to think about other people around you when you smoke. How would you like it if someone else was doing something around you that could affect your health? How would you feel if someone did not want to be around because of your bad habits? As we have read smoking can harm not only you, but others around you. It is documented that more people are affected by second hand smoke. How would you feel if your child or grandchild was to develop lung cancer, because of your bad habits. If you want to keep hurting yourself, go ahead, but please don’t take me out with you.
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