Why World Cinema Is an Important Topic to Study

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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WhyWhy world Cinema is an important topic to study?
Third Cinema is a very different topic to the rest of the syllabus topics; this will allow us to broaden our viewing range and develop our own film interest. Popular Hollywood films are usually number one choice, when it comes to choosing films as there is a limited number of choice and verity within the small section provided that under world cinema. Unless you have knowledge in the industry and about the films you are searching for, it becomes a challenge to find something suitable for your interests. Studying ‘Global Cinema’ will expand our knowledge on the 10% of films that do not fall under that category of Hollywood films. Although Hollywood films have a much higher success rate, it will not always have a new creative plot or narrative. Where-as world cinema films challenges Hollywood films within creativity by exploring different structures etc. Although there are some difficulties we will face whilst trying to study specific films such as the language barrier, variations in culture, different sense of humour and sometimes words, sayings or puns will be lost in translation. However we will be able to gain information about various cultures and country of origin and their industries, different ways techniques and styles of films. There is no such thing as a typical world cinema film, as it is a collective term used for all manner of films from different national cinema and therefore there a wide range of genre within world cinema to be explored to be able to suit various interests. World cinema is unique and differs from predictable mass culture. Which is often something neglected, undervalued or misunderstood as Hollywood has ‘power’ when it comes to the film industry therefore films from around the world have categorised by the fact they are not Hollywood films rather than genre based. Hollywood films often have similar plot points or nothing ‘new’ about their style of films. There are some...
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