Why Women Should Not Be Allowed in Combat

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Should Women Be in Combat?
Danyell Tremblay
Composition I – English 1001-10
South University
Mrs. Dobson
December 12, 2012

Should Women be in Combat?
According to a poll on November 9, 2012 68% of the American public thinks women should be allowed in combat roles (Should women be allowed, 2012). Women should not be in combat roles in the military because they have different mental/emotional needs, they require additional logistic support, they are not as physically capable as men, and would be a threat to unit cohesiveness. While all women will not fall into every one of these categories, it is a necessity for women to have additional logistic support, and they will more than likely be a threat to unit cohesiveness. Some women can be as capable as men, but for the most part, this is not so. All combat units need to consist of a cohesive, well-disciplined, force able to complete assigned missions with minimal support.

Regardless of what the general population thinks, women would not work effectively in a combat position. The public thinks that certain women may be as efficient as a man, when it comes to physicality and mentality. It is true that all men are not as physically or mentally fit as some men in combat roles, but that is a good reason they are not in a combat position. Many people also think that standards will not have to be lowered if women are compared to men. They think that one percent of women would be able to compete with a man. In spite of these arguments, women would not serve as effectively as men. Women’s rights are a big issue if women are held back from the same standards as men. They will fight until they are on the same level even if they do not perform as well as men. Feminists try to deny the differences between women and men and consider them as equals. Women’s rights groups are also trying to push for women to be eligible for the draft and assigning them to combat arms, even if they do not seek or want the position....
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