Why Woman Dont Want Men Anymore.

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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“Forever Alone”

Nowadays, women have become more independent financially and emotionally and tend not to have partners. One of the main reasons that are to be there is that men don’t work as much as women do but according to Sacks and Leving in “Women don’t want Men, Ha.” But this is not correct. The authors believe that men work as much as women do, but women do not realize so as men work more outside the house. More women being single, is something which they praise about and gives them a reason to celebrate. The author believes that men give as much as women do to their family and that it is the over critical women and the more expectations women have of men that causes a divorce. Newspapers and magazines show cartoons of women laughing over their married life before they were single, but what they don’t realize is that it is not only men who are the problem. In fact they do they same amount of work and contribute to the family, like women do. The choice of being single makes shows that women don’t need financial support or men’s traditional contribution. But one also has to realize that men provide a strong base for women in difficult times with emotional support as well. The author is correct in saying that men provide much more to their families and the divorce trends show that women tend to be over critical and expect more from their husbands then what was usually expected before. I believe women have starting to give more responsibilities to men in their life then they can already handle. As being the head of the family, a man has to run the house, take care of the house expenditure, and along with that work so that he can provide everyday necessities. According to the author, women believe that men don’t do as much housework as they do. But research shows that men do almost the same amount of housework as women do. According to the essay only 40% of women hold full time jobs, and more then quarter just work from home but then again men work 1½ hour...
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