Why We Work

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  • Published : April 28, 2010
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Terrance Ellis
Eng 101 TTH
Rough write 1
“Why we work” by Andrew Curry was very informational and resourceful. So it was not hard for me to agree with him about employees being stressed out and discontent with their jobs. Andrew gives multiple reasons to agree with him. Most of the reasons come from experience from my past and present jobs. Others reasons come from economy problems. I agree with Andrew because I to was stressed out and discontent at my past job Applebee's. First the story itself was great. It informed me on how back in the 1900's job lost was never a big problem. Andrew explained how the people who had jobs only wanted time off from work. Andrew then explains how the work industries have limited job openings and longer hours. This makes their current workers tired and frustrated. He supports what he say's by explaining how workers have longer hours, and why their stressed out. The first thing was employee's being stressed out from jobs. More than ever, jobs want their employee's to embrace their title at work or even home. To work at a well known place is yet a blessing and a curse. Because even off their clock, they want you to act like you’re at work on their clock. They fell you should carry yourself better for the company. Another reason employee's are stressed out is because work load. It seems like Employers do everything in their power to make you sweat for every cent you make, plus what you don’t make yet. For example working Applebee’s is no walk in the park. Being a host was more than just a name for the job, it was a title. A title that the host carried proudly! Well not the entire host staff carried the title proudly. It was a stressful job; let me explain why it was stressful. A host must look out the window, and see the customer coming before they see them. Then they must beat the customer to the door and hold the door open for the customer. While they are holding the door for the customer with a fake smile they must...
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