Why We Should Stop the Fracking Process

Topics: Water, Water supply, Water pollution Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Should we allow companies to continue the fracking process ? No , We should stop the fracking process because of water contamination , the deaths of animals , and sickening of people. Chemicals that are contaminated are dangering others, fracking pollutes the water and air, and is dangerous for the workers and the animals. When landowners suspect that fracking is contaminating their water, a settlement can be made where the landowners can be given money; in return, they will need to promise to not talk to anyone about the problem.Fracking puts our health and the environment's in serious risks.

Unfortunately, animals are dying because of Hydrofracking accidents. Researchers discovered that there is a range of health risks that are related to fracking and the other parts of the process, such as the chemicals that are injected deep underground and the toxic compounds that rise to the surface.The construction of roads, drilling pads and pipelines for thousands of drilling operations are adding up and impacting rural communities and affecting America’s landscape. The clearing of thousands of acres of forests is leading to reduced and fragmented habitats and other potentially life-threatening impacts for wildlife. Animals are starving , on the edge of life or death. Anorexic animals are everywhere near gaslands.

While fracking accidents are mostly harming the animals, fracking also pollutes the water, consequently people are noticing a huge change in water quality. Fracking contaminates the water in a very obvious way. Fracking could had been done only using water and clean sand. However to make the job easier and cheaper, the process includes many other 596 or more chemicals, many were harmful and some were unknown. Even though the fluid used in the process is pumped out after doing its job, it's impossible to get it all out. People found black grease, odors, methane, a gassy taste, and black sediments in their drinking water after...
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