Why We Should Protect Our Environment

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  • Published : March 17, 2012
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Second, water pollution is very serious and that concerns whether our economy can achieve sustainable growth. Due to bad quality of water, some very high quality products cannot be produced. This is just one kind of restrictions caused by water pollution. To make polluted water useful, people have to spend a lot of money and energy to clean it. Thus to prevent water pollution is very important. How?

Factories and business must take their social responsibilities. Whatever they produce, they must treat the water before they discharge. In particular chemical plants, they must treat their waste water because if they don’t do that and discharge it to the river, sooner or later, it will have big problems like the blue algae in the Taihu Lake. People must take lessons from it. When the scale of contamination is too large, it will be too expensive and even impossible to make the water clean once you contaminate it.

Any individual should be a good police in this sense; the law enforcement sector must act accordingly. Without serious and strict law enforcement, there is no meaning in making the law.

In addition, one must save water in the situation in most part of China. Except people along the Yangtze river, most part of China is dry and lack of water. 

Third, to prevent soil pollution, both farmers and industry need to take action. According to experts, the farmers’ use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers can cause pollution both to the soil and water. Some industries can cause soil pollution too if they discharge untreated water to the ground. 

Again chemical fertilizers and pesticides make agricultural production improve substantially. But we find that the taste of food is not as good as before when it was organically grown. Thus the ecological organic food is more than welcome now. In a way, fast growth makes the land deteriorate in the long run. Now many people in the west realize that Chinese traditional cultivation is quite sustainable since it...
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