Why We Should Eat Healthy

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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If you faced the hardest team in your basketball league, would you automatically forfeit? Many American consumers just might! Instead of taking a small portion out of their overloaded schedules, they ignore the effects of eating unhealthy foods. No one would argue that the time consuming method of eating healthy is more important than keeping up with the tasks that life throws at us, but there are ways of eating better without getting in the way of busy schedules such as shopping right and replacing hot chips and sodas with baby carrots and water. Real life does happen, but as a powerful nation, we need to eat correctly even though we have responsibilities, deadlines, and food preferences. In my opinion, the best and only reason why people shouldn't eat healthy is because it is hard mentally to do.

Although eating healthy is an extra step in people’s schedules, it will help you work better. Like cars, we need energy to run. As we learned from our science classes, we get energy from food, better yet, healthy food. What junk food does not provide is the proper nutrition we need daily that is listed on the well known food pyramid. Also a key to maintaining the right amount of energy is exercising. Going to a gym consistently or simply going for a jog at the park builds strength and keeps people physically fit leading to more energy. In fact, exercise results in increased relaxation, better sleep and mood, and strong immune function.

As parents, it is part of your responsibilities to prepare your children how to be fit and healthy. Eating well is the first step. Parents must also be role models for this process and an over excessive amount of work that has nothing to do with eating well is the complete opposite of this goal. One way parents can enforce such conduct is by starting a community that is willing to propose new health courses for middle and high schools. If students are required to join physical education, it is as important to teach scholars in...
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