Why We Should Brush Our Teeth

Topics: Toothbrush, Oral hygiene, Tooth enamel Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Nicholas Ruiz
VPA 192
Informative Speech
Why we should brush our teeth

Goodmorning, Let me ask have you ever been on the train and been sitting next to someone with terrible breath? Or been on a date and you kiss the person your with and they have a horrid smell seeping out of there mouth. These simple smelly encounters would be easily avoided if we all keep up with out oral hygiene. My name is Nicholas Ruiz and today I am here to inform you of how to keep your oral hygiene up to par and why it is so important to do so.

As a dental assistant for the past 3 years I have been taught to show people how to keep the general oral hygiene were it should be. A couple of the most commonly asked questions I get is what kind of tooth brush should I use or what kind of tooth paste they should use. I tell them a soft brisal toothbrush(show soft toothbrush) is the way to go and any kind of toothpaste with Fluoride in it will work. I spoke with a doctor in my office Dr. Tad Picker he stated,” I always recommend a soft brisal toothbrush. It nurtures your teeth while you brush as were a firm brisal toothbrush can wear away the enamel of your teeth.(show firm toothbrush) And when it comes to toothpaste I say aslong at it has Flouride in it it is ok. Me personally I use Aquafresh.” Also, an equally big part is flossing everyday. You can be fantastic at brushing your teeth but only floss can get into those nasty area that your couldn’t get when you brush. Finally, a good product to use is Listerine it really does kill any of those excess germs left in your mouth after brushing. Now you should be brushing your teeth 2 times a day. I brush 3 times a day but that’s just a preference. Now when you get ready to brush your teeth, you don’t glob the toothpaste on like in the commercials with the little tale like in the commercials. (Show how not to apply toothpaste) You apply as small but sufficient amount of paste.(Show how to apply toothpaste) Now when you begin to brush...
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